The Soil-Max Gold Digger Drainage Plow

5 NCGA state winners use Gold Digger tile plows!

Makes tiling an affordable input

The Gold Digger pays for itself on just 50 acres or 3 days use!

Figure your cost
(Uses 20 cents per foot for 4-inch tile)

Tile Spacing (ft) Tile Cost/Ac
120 $73
110 $79
100 $87
90 $97
80 $109
70 $124
60 $145
50 $174
40 $218
30 $290

The Gold Digger pays for itself on just 50 acres or 3 days use!


Why haven’t you tiled everything?

Probably because it was too expensive. Usually around $500-600 per acre. This was a big expense and a $40/acre fertilizer bill seems easier to absorb than $500 an acre upfront. On rented farms, unless the landowner was willing to spend the initial $500/acre investment it didn’t get done. Everybody loses, the landowner doesn't get near the return on his investment and the farmer is stuck with low yielding ground. We all know your profit is the bushels you make above an average yield.

Soil-Max makes tiling affordable!

Around $70-200 of the $600 tiling expense is actually the tile itself. The other $400 is labor for the drainage contractors and return to his equipment investment. You probably have a 130 horsepower tractor that could pull a Gold Digger. Soil-Max will get you started by providing training on how to use the equipment. With mapping software you could use GPS to follow our predesigned systems which show tile size and grade. As you tile every tile line can be marked with GPS-referenced tile lines, enabling anyone to go back locate these lines for years to come. In a nutshell, Soil-Max intends to enable the farmer's existing tractor horsepower to install tile cheaply and make available state of the art GPS and Laser-equipped drainage plows to provide a very cost-effective drainage system.

The Ultimate Land Rental Tool!

A land-owner rents land to the farmer he thinks will best take care of his land and return him the best return on his investment. Can you imagine the opportunities to rent land if you offered to tile the farm if the landlord would pay for the tile, only on the condition that he gives you a 5 year rental contract? If we can slash a $500/acre investment down to a $120/acre investment in opens up a whole new ballgame. Instead of a 15% return on investment, tiling balloons to a 60% return on investment. What an effective tool for renting and buying more land, the landowner would love to work with someone who has a drainage plow. Both sides really win!